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What is GT’s AQUA KEFIR?

AQUA KEFIR is a lightly sparkling, fermented drink intended to quench your thirst. With billions of live cultures in every bottle, it’s lactose-free and 100% vegan. AQUA KEFIR is the perfect entry into the world of fermented beverages.

How is AQUA KEFIR made?

AQUA KEFIR is a delicately fermented, sparkling probiotic drink crafted with non-dairy kefir crystals.

• We first cultivate our water kefir crystals by gently soaking them for a few hours in a sweetened water bath consisting of purified water, organic cane sugar, and organic fruits & fruit peels.
• We then remove the fruit & fruit skins, allowing our water kefir crystals to continue fermenting in just the sweetened water.
• Several days later, the water is transformed into a lightly sparkling beverage.

What kind of kefir cultures are used to make AQUA KEFIR?

AQUA KEFIR is cultured with non-dairy water kefir crystals, known around the world by many names, including tibicos, aqua gems, and Japanese water crystals. They resemble little gelatinous gems, and like the SCOBY we use for Kombucha, water kefir crystals are an aggregate of bacteria and yeast.

What does AQUA KEFIR taste like?

AQUA KEFIR is refreshingly bright and crisp with a lightly sparkling body and light fruit flavor. It makes for a great alternative to flavored sparkling water.

How much is one serving of AQUA KEFIR?

One serving of AQUA KEFIR is 470 mL (or one bottle).

Can anyone consume AQUA KEFIR?

AQUA KEFIR can be enjoyed by everyone. We recommend a smaller serving size for children under ten years old.

Can I consume AQUA KEFIR if I’m pregnant or breast feeding?

We have heard from many mothers who continue to drink AQUA KEFIR during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. However, if you are unsure about introducing something new to your system during this time, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional due to the delicate nature of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

When is the best time to consume AQUA KEFIR?

There is no right or wrong time to enjoy AQUA KEFIR. We think it’s a great refreshment at any time of day, and also pairs well with any meal.

Where can I buy AQUA KEFIR?

GT’s AQUA KEFIR is available at Planet Organic and Whole Foods Markets in London.

How should AQUA KEFIR be stored?

AQUA KEFIR should ALWAYS be kept in a refrigerator at 1 – 5 °C and stored upright.

Can I shake the bottle before opening?

We’re proud to say we craft AQUA KEFIR using fresh ingredients, without any emulsifiers or additives. Because of this, you may notice some natural settling, but do not shake your bottle. To help disperse the sediment, slowly turn the bottle or give it a gentle roll of the wrist.

Can I consume AQUA KEFIR after the “Best Before” date?

For the best quality, we advise consuming AQUA KEFIR either on or before the “Best Before” date printed on top of the cap.

How long does AQUA KEFIR stay fresh after it’s been opened?

For best experience, we recommend consuming AQUA KEFIR within three days of opening.

Where is GT’s AQUA KEFIR made?

We are proud to say that AQUA KEFIR is crafted in sunny Los Angeles, California – the home of our founder, GT Dave.

What is the difference between GT’s AQUA KEFIR and GT’s KOMBUCHA?

AQUA KEFIR and KOMBUCHA are both fermented drinks that offer billions of live cultures. However, here are some key differences between the two offerings:

• Sweetened water base
• Fermented for a few days with non-dairy kefir crystals
• Smooth taste (no tang)
• No caffeine
• Lightly sparkling
• Gentle flavor

• Sweetened black + green tea base
• Fermented for weeks with a SCOBY
• Signature, tangy bite
• 16 – 24 mg caffeine (per 470 mL)
• Naturally effervescent
• Bold flavor