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Together, We Are One

As our GT’s family continues to grow, we are deeply humbled and sincerely grateful for every moment of this journey with you.

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Share Your Words of Enlightenment

Every bottle of GT’s Enlightened Kombucha features an uplifting quote from our fans. Feeling inspired? Share your own Words of Enlightenment with us –
you may be featured on our next bottle!

Words of Enlightenment

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill |
British Prime Minister
The United Kingdom

Words of Enlightenment

Harmony comes when your heart, mind, and body are one.

Rhonda Gibson |
Television Writer
Brooklyn, NY

Words of Enlightenment

There is no pause button in life, embrace the steps you take.

Andrew Perino |
Student & Part-Time YouTuber
Castro Valley, CA

Words of Enlightenment

Inner peace is one mediation away.

Emily Gonzalez |
Certified Meditation Instructor
Los Angeles, CA

Words of Enlightenment

Don’t lose your capacity to create joy for yourself… stay creative.

Francis Almario |
Social Worker
San Diego, CA

Words of Enlightenment

You change the world by every breath you take.

Eric Quintero |
Nightclub Bartender
Las Vegas, NV

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